Are boot camps an effective way of training? And do they actually work?

Claygate Boot Camp

Are you thinking of joining a boot camp? Looking to get fit for your summer holidays and want to find out if a boot camp is right for you? The Trainers have written this guide to help you to determin if this method of training will suit you.

Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe Fakeaway

Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe

Curry lovers! This chicken jalfrezi recipe is especially for you! Furthermore, it only contains 279 calories per portion! Hence making it a great option for those trying to lose weight or for those who are simply looking to eat healthier. The average chicken jalfrezi from an Indian takeaway contains 524 calories (kcal), however, when dining out most people tend to consume a lot more. Pilau rice contains 203 calories, 1 nan bread is 303 kcal, 1 popadom 60 kcal and an onion bhaji is 364 kcal. That’s a total of 1454 calories and that’s without alcohol, which is nearly ⅔ ‘s of your daily calorie intake based on 2000 calories.

6 Reasons Why March Is The Time To Start Exercising

March Is The Time To Start Exercising

Now that we are well into March, we can start looking forward to the spring. March is the perfect time of year to take advantage of the longer days and to renew your exercise programme. As new years resolutions have probably gone out of the window by now, it is the perfect time to start. The Trainers have written why March is the time to start exercising.

Healthy Bircher Muesli Recipe

Healthy Bircher Muesli Recipe

If you’re tired of eating sugary breakfast cereals first thing in the morning, then this healthy bircher muesli recipe offers a tasty alternative. Bircher muesli is the original overnight oats. It is perfect for those who do not have time in the mornings to make oatmeal but are still looking to eat something healthy and filling. All of the ingredients are combined into a bowl the night before and are left to absorb all of the flavours. In the morning, you have a delicious breakfast to either eat at home or to take with you.

How To Stay Healthy On A Night Out And Still Enjoy Yourself!

Hello Friday! After a busy week, I am welcoming the weekend with open arms! However, within the fitness industry, weekends often tend to become weak-ends! With the will power out of the window, endless glasses of wine and not to mention the heavy filling meals eaten or worse the kababs at the end of the night, this can become a huge problem when you are trying to watch your waistline. But, what if you were to make the most of your night out and still manage to stay healthy throughout? Here are 8 ways…