Muay Thai & Boxercise

Punching pads is a great way to keep fit! Both our female and male clients love our Muay Thai personal training sessions. Not only is it a great way to burn calories, but it is also safe, effective and fun for all abilities and ages. This highly energetic form of exercise can be taught in short bursts of activity or for longer periods of time, to build up your cardiovascular fitness.

Boxing Personal Training Sessions

The Trainers can design programmes that include boxing within your normal workouts or they can deliver a 60-minute training session, which is built around a boxing circuit. This type of exercise is not only stress-busting, but it can also be used for building strength, stamina, power, coordination, and balance. You will be amazed at how fun this type of training can be!

As always, we will provide and bring all the equipment you will need directly to you.

FAQ Muay Thai & Boxercise

– Do I need boxing experience?
Nope! Most of our clients are beginners and some have never worn boxing gloves before. It is very exciting to see our clients fall in love with this type of training.
– How fit should I be before I start?
You don’t need to be fit to start Muay Thai or Boxercise, it is our job to get you fit! Most of our clients come to The Trainers because they want to work on their fitness. As long as you are generally in good health, we can help you to achieve your fitness goals.
– What should I wear?
We recommend you to wear loose, breathable clothing. If you are training in the park, you may want to bring a spare top/hoody as you are likely to work up a sweat! Regular trainers are fine, and if you have your own bandages and gloves wear those too.
– What should I bring?
The Trainers will bring all of the equipment needed for your session, from skipping ropes to boxing gloves. We also provide yoga mats for floor work, but you are welcome to use your own too. To each training session always remember to bring water with you to ensure you keep hydrated throughout.
– Any other questions?
If we haven’t answered your question here, give us a call on 07545 957767 or say

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