Are you looking to tone up/lose some weight? Or are you simply looking to get fitter? The Trainers Claygate Boot Camp runs every Monday & Wednesday @ 7 PM. Summer Location – Claygate Recreation Ground. Winter Location – Esher Church Primary School. Each week we’ll design a full-body workout to burn fat, maximise weight-loss and to also increase all fitness levels.

Count Me In…

What will it include?

– Boxing – Body Weight – Circuits – Resistance Training – Cardio

Why should you attend?

– Lose Weight – Strengthen – Tone – Reduce Stress – Energise – Feel Great!

How much does it cost?

Winter Prices (Held in Esher Church School)

  • £10 x 8 Sessions a Month (valid for 5 weeks)
  • £12 x 4 Sessions a Month (valid for 5 weeks)

Summer Prices (Held on Claygate Recreation Ground)

  • £8 x 8 Sessions a Month (valid for 5 weeks)
  • £10 x 4 Sessions a Month (valid for 5 weeks)

Other reasons you may want to join our Claygate Boot Camp…

  • You’ll receive monthly healthy recipes which will go hand in hand with your training, as a result, this will ensure maximum results.
  • It is our goal to create a community. Everyone is welcome, above all we want to provide a space where people can work out confidently.
  • You’ll have the support from The Trainers, if you have any questions or worries then we are here to help.
  • We are flexible! The Trainers understands that life is extremely busy, that is why we offer our sessions in blocks, so you can choose which block works best for you and your lifestyle.

Sign Me Up!

To claim your space fill out the form above or email us at

Boot Camp FAQ’s

– How many people will be in the session?
Our group sessions vary from 3 to up to 20 people. We like to keep a maximum ratio of 1:20 in order for us to monitor each individual throughout the session.

– I am not very fit, shall I still attend?
Yes! Everyone who is attending are all trying to increase their fitness levels. It is also our job to help you become healthier and fitter. No matter your starting point, we will tailor each exercise to your starting fitness level.

– What types of exercise will be included in the classes?
We shall start with a warm up, then a body weight circuit to get the heart rate up. We will then move onto a strength training circuit. Using a mixture of equipment, with different weights available depending on your fitness level. Each class will be different, it’ll be made up of a mixture of cardiovascular training, resistance training (body weight), flexibility

– What do I need to bring?
The Trainers will provide all of the equipment, including yoga mats. All you need to bring is appropriate clothing, a bottle of water and a small towel in the summer.  

– Can I try before I buy?  
Yes! The Trainers offers every person a free session before they purchase a block. We want to ensure that we are the right fit for you and that you are going to enjoy and benefit from our sessions.