Returning to exercise after lockdown? Read our top tips!

returning to exercise

The pandemic has meant that many of us have become more sedentary. Now that restrictions are limited, it is the perfect time to resume your fitness regime. So if you’re struggling to find the motivation or simply do not know where to start, we have written our top tips when returning to exercise.

Listen To Your Body 

Firstly, it is very important to listen to your body. It is important not to just jump back into your pre-covid exercise routine. When, returning to exercise, aim to exercise in short bursts of activity which you can then build on at a safe rate. Interval training is the perfect example of this. (Interval Training is physical training consisting of alternating periods of high- and low-intensity activity.) For example, you can alternate between running for 5 minutes and then jogging/walking for 5 minutes for a period of 20 minutes. Or if you’re not able to run, try changing the intensity of your walk, choose a route with a hill, or power walk for 1 minute and then slow down for the next… Opting for lighter weights or fewer reps will also ensure that you are performing each exercise correctly without the risk of injury.  

Schedule Your Workouts

We always recommend our clients to diarise their workouts, just as you would a doctors appointment – write your workouts in your diary. Do you have 15 minutes in between meetings? Schedule a 10-minute walk around the block. Instead of trying to find time to fit in a workout, make the time! Scheduling your workouts allows you to be consistent, you’ll also be able to incorporate different types of training for a more balanced approach. For example, you can split your workouts into upper and lower body conditioning, or strength, flexibility or cardio training.  

Include Rest Days 

When you have a scheduled workout routine, it’s also important to factor in rest days. This is to allow time for your muscles to recover. Prioritising sleep is also important so your body has time to heal from the additional workload. Rest days do not have to be lying with your feet up! Instead, active rest is hugely beneficial, arrange a walk with family or friends or get out in the garden.   

Join A Local Club

If you’ve been walking throughout the past year doing the same routine, you could think about joining a local fitness class. This is a great way to get motivated, increase your fitness and meet new people. Group fitness is also a great way of working out without having to think or plan the session. You’ll also benefit from an effective warm-up, a balanced workout and cool down. It is also the instructor’s job to not only show the correct technique but to also ensure everyone is executing each move in the right way. 

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