Self-Care Tips To Survive This Pandemic


Self-care makes everything better. And yes, this is proving to be very true during this pandemic. The fact is, we’re facing an unseen enemy that’s threatening our bodies, as well as our minds. In turn, warding off these physical and mental threats can be exhausting and stressful. With self-care, however, we have a powerful ally to help us do exactly that, and then some. 

Healthy Mind

The onslaught of noise and negativity brought on by the pandemic can be a real threat to your mental state. Making sure to add self-care to your quarantine routine will help you fend off anxiety and depression and improve your mental well-being.

Healthy Body

A strong and healthy body is your best defence against COVID-19. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly will do wonders in keeping your immune system in tiptop shape.

  • Get healthy meals delivered to your doorstep.
  • Start to be social again – join an outdoor fitness class whilst staying 2 metres apart.
  • You can make use of simple and compact fitness tools such as resistance bands.

Healthy Home

Your home is your sanctuary, and this is at its truest in this pandemic. Setting up your home to support your health and self-care goals will undoubtedly help you cope with these dark times better and may make your time in quarantine more pleasurable.

  • A de facto gym with the right exercise equipment can be a wonderful addition to your home.
  • A beautiful yoga or meditation nook can inspire mindfulness and positivity.
  • Keep COVID-19 out by deep-cleaning your home regularly.

While self-care may not be the be-all and end-all of surviving this pandemic, its important contributions to that cause are undeniable. With a good self-care routine, you can stay healthy in mind and body, as well as, by extension, heart and soul. 

Guest post written by: Stephanie Haywood


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