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Resistance Bands

With the New Year upon us and healthy resolutions in the front of our minds, it can be hard to know where to start. If you do not have time to workout at the gym, resistance bands are great for those who are looking to exercise at home. The Trainers have written our top 8 reasons why you should be using resistance bands with every workout and their benefits. 

Why Are Resistance Bands Are The Answer?

There are many benefits of resistance bands, they’re extremely versatile, convenient, safe to use, great for all fitness levels and are extremely effective. The more you learn about the benefits, the more you’ll become motivated to use them at home too! 

1. Resistance Bands Are Cost-Effective

You can buy an individual band or a set of bands. Resistance bands are an inexpensive addition to your home gym equipment. To avoid pinching of the skin, bands rolling and snapping, opt for fabric bands. The Trainers Resistance Bands are extremely durable and are made of a premium blend of materials. Buy 1 Band for £10 or a set of 3 for £25 CLICK HERE to see our full range. 

2. Easily Adapted For All Fitness Levels 

Our set of bands come in multiple resistances – light, medium and heavy. Over time, your muscles adapt to an exercise routine. Therefore, it’s important to increase the resistance as you become stronger. Resistance bands are great for exercising your whole body and will work your muscles in a slightly different way. Equally, if you travel a lot and do not want to miss out on your routine, they are compact so you can take them anywhere. 

3. Improve The Quality Of Your Workouts 

When using resistance bands, your muscles are under constant tension. Whereas when just lifting a dumbbell, your muscle contracts and then releases, therefore, the band significantly improves the quality of each repetition. With a longer contraction and your muscles working harder, therefore, you’ll become stronger quicker. 

4. They’re Essential For Functional Training

Resistance bands involve a lot more movement compared to the traditional style of exercise. This is extremely important for your joints as it enhances the natural movements of your day to day life. When using resistance bands for the first time, you can often feel shaky, with regular use, this will pass and you’ll soon build up strength quickly. To aid this further, ensure that you control both the tension of the band and the release – this will result in a longer contraction. You can do this by not letting the band snap back into place by controlling the whole movement. 

5. Improve Stabilising Muscles 

Resistance bands give you the freedom to effectively work your entire body. When maintaining your form throughout each exercise, you’ll be targeting your stabilising muscles, which in turn will build strength through your core. For example, when performing overhead tricep extensions using our long resistance band, you’ll feel just how much your core will be active throughout the exercise. 

6. Resistance Bands Are Designed For Compound Moves 

Compound movements are when you use several muscles groups at the same time. This means that your workout is extremely effective as you’ll be using more energy to sustain the movement. Using the bands with compound movements makes a great full-body workout. 

7. They Promote Correct Form 

If fatigue sets in when using free weights or machines, it is often momentum that helps the individual complete the last few reps. However, this is much harder to do when using resistance bands. This is because when performing each rep with the band, you have to maintain tension throughout. As a result, each rep is a higher quality as your muscles will be working harder throughout the entire exercise – instead of only at the end of the rep. Resistance bands are a fantastic training tool to help strengthen and tone your entire body. 

8. Learn What Muscles Are Working And Those That Are Not 

Because the bands are so good at isolating and activating certain muscles, you can really feel the right muscles working. This enables you to focus on squeezing that muscle all the way through the contraction. This will enhance every workout, which in turn will ensure maximum results. They’re also really convenient too!  

Looking to do more? Check out our Complete Full Body Workout Guide Using Resistance Bands here. 
If you have any questions about training using our bands, please email us – hello@the-trainers.co.uk 

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