Why should you stay active throughout the festive season?

Stay Active

With Christmas approaching, it’s all too easy to stop exercising! However, December is actually a great time to continue your workout routine and to stay active. Once the Christmas parties start it is extremely easy to swap 30 minutes of exercise for an extra drink at the pub. Whilst letting your hair down will not harm your health and fitness. The festivities tend to continue the whole way through December and well into January. If you maintain a few healthy habits, it will be much easier to start your regular routine in the New Year. 

Looking to achieve weight loss? Which Workout Is Most Effective?

weight loss

With so many different styles of workouts available, which is is the most effective for weight loss? The answer is there is more than one! Exercise workouts expend caloric energy, which contributes to a positive energy balance, this is where the body is utilising adipose tissue (fat) to meet the energy deficit in the body. 

Returning to exercise after lockdown? Read our top tips!

returning to exercise

The pandemic has meant that many of us have become more sedentary. Now that restrictions are limited, it is the perfect time to resume your fitness regime. So if you’re struggling to find the motivation or simply do not know where to start, we have written our top tips when returning to exercise.