Are you looking to join a fitness class near you but nerves are holding you back?

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Here at The Trainers, it is one of our top priorities to make sure that each fitness class we deliver is inclusive.

“Over the years I’ve struggled to find an exercise class that keeps me motivated and wanting to return each week, but Bootcamp with The Trainers is great.”

6 Ways We Make Our Clients Feel Welcome 

  1. Teach technique 

It is very important to us that we teach everyone at our boot camp the correct form and technique. That is why we make sure to have a small client to trainer ratio. That way, we can keep an eye on everyone in the fitness class, this is to ensure injuries do not occur. You will not see us with a huge group on The Rec. When we have a popular class, we provide an extra personal trainer.

  1. Modifications are encouraged! 

Throughout every session, we will provide different modifications and adaptations for our clients. Everyone is welcome to our boot camp, we want to provide a safe space for our clients to enjoy their workouts. Providing variations enables everyone to work out at their own pace. 

  1. Encouragement & Motivation

We understand that it can be hard to show up and work out. To us, motivation does not mean pressuring or shouting! Movement is self-care, when an instructor shouts it reinforces the idea that working out should be painful or punishing. We want our client’s to work out and have fun whilst doing it. Our boot camps are full of encouragement and praise! 

  1. Respect 

It is our priority to listen to our clients, and not to force one more repetition or for our clients to work harder. It’s important to remember; that you know your body better than anyone else. If a client says ‘ I can’t do this ‘ or ‘ I don’t want to do this ‘ we listen. There is no judgement.

  1. No mention of summer body! 

We do not mention summer bodies in the making, bikini bod ready or earning food. Instead, we focus on the benefits of movement and exercise. Our positive approach not only benefits our clients physically but also mentally too. For example, today we’ll be focusing on core work. This will strengthen the muscles around your spine, hips and abdominals. This will prevent injury as your balance and stability will improve. 

To conclude; we will never finish our boot camp and say, now you’ve earnt your breakfast! This reinforces the narrative that we should be feeling guilty about eating. As well as, exercise is only a means to burn calories. But it’s so much more than that! Our Claygate boot camp is a place to meet local people, be a part of the community and work out with like-minded people.

Hopefully, our short blog has put some of your nerves at ease, and you feel more comfortable taking the next step to working out in a group setting. We always offer clients who are trying The Trainers for the first time 50% off their first class. If you’d like to give our boot camp a go, click on the click below. 

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