Why should you stay active throughout the festive season?

Stay Active

With Christmas approaching, it’s all too easy to stop exercising! However, December is actually a great time to continue your workout routine and to stay active. Once the Christmas parties start it is extremely easy to swap 30 minutes of exercise for an extra drink at the pub. Whilst letting your hair down will not harm your health and fitness. The festivities tend to continue the whole way through December and well into January. If you maintain a few healthy habits, it will be much easier to start your regular routine in the New Year. 

Enjoy a variety of foods

Make the most of the festive foods to fuel your body and boost your nutritional intake. You’ll naturally be eating all the trimmings, including different vegetables you probably wouldn’t have eaten this year, like brussel sprouts etc. This is a great way to eat seasonally to help your body get all of the nutrients it needs throughout the winter months. 

Boost your immune system!

December days are short, it can be all too easy to stay inside. Stay active by opting for a walk/ light jog outside will give your immune system that all-important boost. You’ll also be topping up your vitamin D. Sunlight is a premium throughout the winter months, training outside whilst the sun is shining will not only help you physically but also mentally too.

Little and often!

Most people often struggle with motivation during the holiday period. We often see the Christmas holiday as a well-deserved break – which it should be! You do not need to be waking up at 6 AM and heading to the gym. It’s wise to set small and realistic goals which you can achieve. Encourage the whole family to head out for a walk, play a game of football in the garden, or catch up with a friend whilst jogging. 

Avoid the fitness phobia!

Instead of waiting until January, when all gyms are heaving and personal trainers are busy. Establishing a relationship with a personal trainer before the New Year will help you to enjoy all the Christmas treats, without piling on the pounds this Christmas. Also, by starting in December, you’ll have the first pick of when you’d like to arrange your sessions to fit in with your schedule in the New Year. We’d recommend that if you have a fitness resolution, you should try to fit in 10 minutes a day of bodyweight exercises. This will help prepare/maintain your body’s strength to start/resume your fitness in the new year.

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