Are boot camps an effective way of training? And do they actually work?

Claygate Boot Camp

Are you thinking of joining a boot camp? Looking to get fit for your summer holidays and want to find out if a boot camp is right for you? The Trainers have written this guide to help you to determin if this method of training will suit you.

6 Reasons Why March Is The Time To Start Exercising

March Is The Time To Start Exercising

Now that we are well into March, we can start looking forward to the spring. March is the perfect time of year to take advantage of the longer days and to renew your exercise programme. As new years resolutions have probably gone out of the window by now, it is the perfect time to start. The Trainers have written why March is the time to start exercising.

A PT’s Tips For Staying Motivated To Exercise When It’s Cold Outside

Winter Fitness Motivation

Winter motivation – Are you struggling to maintain your exercise routine? With the shorter days, lower temperatures and sniffling colds all around, it’s unsurprising that there is a lack of motivation in the air. Therefore, The Trainers’ have written our top tips on how we stay in shape during the winter months.


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