Can Exercising Help Protect You Against COVID-19?


What is the best way of staying fit during the COVID-19?

It is important to say that being fit will not reduce the possibility from catching the coronavirus (COVID-19). However, physical activity will help to boost your immune system. 

How does exercise affect the immune system?

New research has also shown that your immunity can benefit from a single workout, and regular exercise can quickly boost your immune system. According to Dr Claire Steves from King’s College London – “exercise has a major effect on the immune system – it’s a fact we have known for decades.” There have been numerous studies which show that moderate exercise decreases the rates of flu, pneumonia and other infections, as well as chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. 

According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, people who exercise five or more days a week spend 46 per cent fewer days laid up with a cold or a respiratory virus compared to those who work out only once a week or not at all. 

How Long Should I Exercise For?

The amount of time you exercise for does not need to be long or intense to be effective. Lots of studies have shown that regular activity, such as walking, jogging or cycling lasting less than an hour can provide immune benefits. 

Exercise improves all aspects of your health, both physically and mentally. It improves your mood and is known to reduce stress and anxiety, in turn, this will then help you to sleep better. Physical activity also releases endorphins, known as the happy hormone into your body. Moving your body in a way that you enjoy will provide you with a much needed positive boost during this difficult time. 

What’s The Best Way To Stay Active During Lockdown?

With gyms and sports clubs closed, now is a great time to think outside the box! Using rucksacks with books in as weights, or cans can add some resistance to your workouts. With hundreds of videos online, using this great resource can help you to maintain a regular workout routine. 

However, if you are struggling with motivation or do not know where to start. Have you considered working out with a personal trainer? We are offering private 1-2-1 outdoor personal training sessions, either in your own garden or at a local park. To find out more click the button below.

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