5 ways to continue your exercise routine when the mind says no!

When The Mind Says No

Where did January go?

February is well underway. Are you still on track with your fitness plans for 2019 or have they already slipped through your fingers, sidelined by the busyness of your life?

Did you submit that race entry for the challenge you set yourself on New Years Day?


Relax, you wouldn’t be the only one, many of us start with such high hopes for the New Year, new trainers, body at the ready to be whipped into shape and the determination to make this the year of getting fit, taking part in a 10k race or some other adventurous challenge, then it happens!

Your mind kicks in with all of the reasons why you can’t do it. The regurgitating thought process begins and slowly very slowly you get to the point where the initial spark of a bright idea gets buried in the general congestion of your mind.

Excuses, excuses, excuses!

Every reason under the sun comes out as to why you shouldn’t train, shouldn’t enter that race or push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

“I had planned to enter the race but I wont have time to fit in the training”

“I would do it but I am worried my old injury will come back”

“I don’t think I could face being the last one”

“I’ll start tomorrow”

“The weather looks like it’s about to turn cold, I’ll leave it for now”

and so it goes on!

So how do you gain control of your mind, your thoughts and your emotions around getting fit, taking part in a race, training on a regular basis or completing an adventure of a lifetime? By learning effective personal development techniques taught to everyone from athletes to entrepreneur’s you will be better equipped to transform how you think and feel and the goal you set yourself in January will start to become a reality.

5 ways to beat your mind.  

  1. Take a moment of me time, breathe deeply for a couple of minutes, relax and clear your thoughts.  
  2. Write down your exercise goal.  Commit it to paper!
  3. Meditation. Certain scientifically proven meditations will help you to clear your mind and allow you to focus on what you want to achieve.
  4. Smile. It makes you feel good.
  5. Think positive thoughts. The only person stopping you from regular exercise or the next big challenge is you. 

Success through transformation in 2019, you can do it!

Don’t let your mind tell you otherwise.


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