X Heavy Resistance Band | Red


Limited Edition Brand New Colours

    • Top-quality resistance bands
    • Designed to enhance your home workouts
    • No rolling/pinching/breaking.
    • Burn fat, increase muscles at a faster rate.


Long Resistance Band – Resistance X Heavy


The Trainers have launched our limited-edition Mix ‘n’ Match colours! Our resistance band is made from a premium cotton blend which is soft on the skin. No pinching, rolling or digging in!

Our lightweight bands are extremely versatile, they are great for isolating all muscles groups. Resistance bands are key for rapidly activating your muscles, adding resistance and building muscle. By stimulating your muscles before a workout, you’ll be increasing muscle strength which in turn will tone your entire body.

Benefits of using The Trainers Resistance Bands


  • Home Workouts – Our resistance bands are great for enhancing your home workouts. No need for bulky equipment, our bands are great at targeting and activating muscles. As a result, this will increase your muscle mass and will help you to burn fat.
  • Build Strength & Tone – The additional ‘load’ that our bands add to functional movements accelerates results. They will help you to burn fat, increase strength and tone your body in a shorter amount of time.
  • Prevent Injury – Resistance bands help to strengthen the muscle fibres in your hips, glutes and legs. By increasing the strength of these muscles this will ensure your body is working efficiently and to ensure your posture is maintained throughout daily life.

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What’s Included?

  • One Fabric Resistance Band: This band is heavy resistance.
  • Buy two bands: receive a FREE bag to store your bands.

Don’t Forget Our Workout Guide


We have produced a PDF guide with detailed instructions on how to perform different exercises using our bands. Complete with pictures to show you the correct form and technique. Our guide can be completed anywhere. Whether you’re at home, outside in the park or on holiday.

To view our Workout Guide, please click HERE or on the image.


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