6 Health & Fitness Hacks To Stay Healthy This Easter Half-Term

Easter Half-Term

Hello, Easter holidays! Are you heading abroad? Or simply enjoying time as a family at home. The Trainers have written a few tips to enjoy a healthy happy Easter half-term. As half term approaches, I know from my clients’ that this can often be a difficult time as exercise routines go out of the window but, instead it is a great opportunity to spend time with the family. After all, holidays are about indulgence, whether that’s the delicious food or relaxing on the beach or roaming a new city – it’s only right to treat yourself.

Easter half-term does not mean that your waistline has to suffer! So here are our 6 top tips to help you stay in shape this half-term:

Invest In Small Light-Weight Equipment

Whether you’re staying in a hotel, or simply staying at home, having small pieces of equipment availble is a great way to squeeze in a quick 10-minute workout. Save a little space in your suit case for light-weight options which are great for fitness on-the-go. These items are perfect for storing in a draw at home too. Sliders, skipping rope, resistance mini bands and plyo loops are all great tools for an effective full body workout wherever you may be.

Stay Active & Explore!

The best way to stay fit whilst on holiday is to walk. Forget the local tram and head out in your trainers instead, there’s no better way to soak up the views than on foot. If you at home near the countryside, go for hilly walks with great vistas. If you’re near the sea, go for long walks on the beach and feel the wind in your hair!

Stay Cocktail Smart!

Goodbye school nights! This means it is very easy to have one too many mojitos without thinking about the calories consumed. Thinking about which alcoholic drinks you are opting for will help you to cut back on those sugary beverages. So, try and opt for the low calorie spirits, sodas and dry wines.

Have Healthy Snacks On Hand

Having a healthy treat handy when hunger strikes will help you beat temptation. Opting for a protein-rich snack will help fuel you for a day of sightseeing or if you are pausing from a walk in the woods. This can also be a great activity on a rainy day, check out our protein cookies HERE.

Make Exercise a FUN Activity.

Exercise does not have to be boring! It may be easier than you think as you’ll be doing some of the best physical activity whilst on holiday. Whether you are swimming in the ocean, playing beach volleyball, hiking in the mountains, this will all contribute to your calorie expenditure. Staying active is easier than you think. If you are opting for a relaxing week at home, try creating obstacles around the house or set up a bodyweight circuit in the garden to get the whole family moving.

Do NOT Restrict Yourself!

To maintain a healthy lifestyle you need to be realisitic. Life is about balance! Go for the ice cream in Italy, drink those cocktails in dubai! Do not punish yourself, simply pick one meal a day whereby you can order whatever you want off the menu, whilst making reletively healthy choices the reminder of the time.

So, whatever you’re doing this Easter Half Term enjoy it, be as healthy and active as possible!

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  2. Hi Manoj, Thank you! We love to inspire and motivate others to lead healthy and happy lives.

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