Seasonal Eating – Does It Have Any Benefits?

seasonal eating

Seasonal eating, what does it mean? Foods that are ‘in season’ are foods that are grown and harvested at the time of year when you buy and cook them. Before global transportation was as accessible and easy as it is today, eating locally and seasonally was the norm. It was out of the question to get peaches in the winter, or chestnuts in the summer. There are many health benefits to eating and sourcing local seasonal foods. It can also help you to save money too.

Seasonal eating, does it taste better?

seasonal eatingYes! Seasonal food is the healthiest and best-tasting food available. The cost is low and the quality is high. This is due to the food being grown closer to home and therefore, it doesn’t have to endure the long travel periods across the globe. Instead, it is being harvested locally and delivered whilst remaining fresh and full of flavour. Think of a bowl of strawberries in the summer, sweet, juicy and vibrant in colour.

The fruits and vegetables have not had time to lose flavour and their health benefits as they sit in a shipping container traveling across the ocean. Foods that aren’t seasonal are usually picked before they are ripe and full of flavour to help them survive the long trip. As a result, they cost a lot more, due to the travel time, distance and the number of people involved in getting those items to your local grocery store.


What are the benefits of eating seasonally?

The natural cycle of seasonal produce supports our bodies to help make the change between each season. Throughout the summer, berries, cucumbers, and leafy salads are widely available to help us to stay hydrated throughout this season. In the spring we have access to green leafy vegetables, for example, rocket, asparagus, fennel, kale, spinach, parsley etc help to support our liver function to help regulate our bodies energy system.

Food which is grown out of season is not natural for the environment and needs help to grow. This growth is aided from pesticides, preservatives and other chemicals in order to look appealing to you as the consumer in the supermarkets. Choosing local and seasonal foods means you are more likely to get cleaner produce.


Do seasonal foods contain more nutrition?

seasonal eatingYes! Seasonal foods are picked at the peak of freshness and for this reason, contain more nutritional value than produce that is out of season. A seasonal diet provides your body with lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants it needs. This fuels your body with the ingredients it needs for that time of the year. For example, throughout the summer, fruits are packed with antioxidants. These contain natural anti-histamine properties that helps us as the allergy season is in full bloom.  


Is eating seasonally better for the environment?

Yes! By eating with the seasons and buying from the local shops/markets and farms helps to support the environment. This is because it dramatically reduces the miles that your food has traveled before it reaches your plate. This helps to reduce the amount of pollution. Check out your local farmer’s markets and health shops to find seasonal produce. Once you start eating seasonally you’ll begin to realise how much variety is widely available to us. Throughout the year, you’ll also be experiencing different textures and tastes.


Eating with the seasons encourages you to become more creative and you’ll get a broader variety of food within your diet. Following the natural cycle of produce promotes mindful eating, It’ll also help you to eat a more well-rounded and balanced diet too. To see our favourite seasonal recipe click here


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