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home workouts

Home workouts, what’s needed? Are you like many of our clients who simply do not like going to the gym? We can also relate, living busy lives it can become impossible to work out at the gym regularly. First of all, by removing your travel time, this will give you more time for home workouts – problem solved! As experts in this field, The Trainers have selected our best investment pieces for you to own, which will aid your workouts. No need to shed out this Autumn on an expensive gym membership, shed fat, build muscle from the comfort of your own home.

Love Handles!

Home WorkoutKettlebells are great for adding weight and resistance to your workouts, without taking up space. Whether you’re using it for Russian twists, snatches, or goblet squats, compound movements will ensure maximum results. By simply holding onto the handles, you can perform a kettlebell swing, you’ll feel the burn in your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core a perfect move for home workouts.

Life has its ups and downs!

Home WorkoutIt’s called skipping! Skipping ropes can be used both indoors and out, and doesn’t take up precious storage. Skipping is great for building muscle, improving your cardio and perfecting your coordination. Did you know, skipping burns more calories per hour than running? It’s the perfect tool to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

Abs, we all have them, some are just hidden.

Home WorkoutIf your home is not big enough for an ab bench, this compact piece of equipment uses a tenth of the space and is perfect for targeting your abdominals. Hold onto the handles in a kneeling position and slowly extend your body forwards. You’ll feel the burn in your obliques, abdominals, and core.

If you fall, I’ll be there. – Floor – Yoga mat!

Home WorkoutLight and easy to pack away, perfect for avoiding carpet burns, or for softening hard floors. Yoga mats are not only useful for yoga, but they are also great for abs at home, HIIT workouts and of course cool downs and stretching. The usage of mats also helps to prevent injuries that may occur otherwise on a slippery floor. In all different colours, sizes, thickness you can easily find your perfect mat.

I hope this blog inspires you to workout at home. All of the equipment above can easily fit into your life which will enhance your fitness lifestyle. If you are lacking motivation, give us a call today and one of our expert PT’s can come directly to you, bringing all of the equipment, knowledge and a tailored made programme.


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