Kingston Personal Training

Kingston Personal Training

Kingston Personal Training

Kingston Personal Training – Are you local to Kingston? The Trainers are experienced in designing goal-based exercise programmes. As a result, will inspire and motivate you to challenge your body each week.  We are able to train you conveniently in your own home/back garden. Or you may choose to train in your local park such as Bushy Park. We are able to train you at your desired location in Kingston and at a time that suits you. We can work around your working schedule or perhaps children. No matter what your goals are or preferred training style, we are able to help. We offer a free training session so you can be sure before signing up!

During the initial consultation, you will meet with your trainer to talk over your goals, aspirations, fitness history and what you are looking to achieve in detail. It’s important for you to meet The Trainer however, it also enables The Trainer to find out more about you and to ask you some questions. This will help them to understand and explore your requirements, and then they’ll be able to design a specific training programme tailored to you.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, strengthen, and tone certain areas, are prenatal, want to try boxing or are a beginner runner, we can guide you. Meeting with The Trainer prior to you signing up will also enable you to experience a workout beforehand.

We want to ensure that you are confident with The Trainers service and are sure that we are right for you. If you would like to talk to a member of the team and arrange your FREE trial workout and consultation please fill out the form below.

Make your health a priority –  The Trainers can help.

Follow these 3 steps

1. Get in Touch – Fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation. We will then be in touch to understand your fitness dreams and goals.

2. Get Started – Meet with one of our trainers to discuss your goals. We’ll create a custom strategy together to help you to become healthier and stronger.

3. Get Going – If you’d like to continue with The Trainers, we’ll guide and support throughout your fitness journey.

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