The Ugly Truth About Leaving Fitness Until The New Year!

Christmas Weight Gain

As the work season (well…for those who aren’t in retail) starts to wind down, many of us use this time to take a well-deserved break from all our hard work throughout the year. However, slacking off completely and setting our fitness goals for the new year can become a huge problem.

Gyms are a no go!

Gyms will be advertising to you everywhere you go! Sign up now… No joining fee… As soon as you step foot into a gym in January, the machines will be packed and the car park will be full. Fitness should be enjoyable and a part of your daily life.

Avoid this mayhem altogether by adding short bursts of activity into your schedule. This could be a 10-minute walk before dinner time. Or a simple HIIT workout at home which can burn 10-15 kcals per minute.

You’ll have more weight to lose!

ChristmasOf course Christmas is the festive season, however, many of us tend to overindulge, which leads to a substantial amount of weight gain. According to a recent study by the British Dietetic Association, on average we consume around 6000 calories on Christmas Day! It’s not surprising with endless boxes of chocolate laying around, a ton of cheese clogging up the fridge and many left-overs from calorific dinners to consume. Not to mention the large amounts of alcohol, it’s easy to see how the pounds can quickly pile on.

Christmas is the time for relaxing and enjoying this festive time, however, being mindful about the amount you are eating can help you not to gain a vast amount of weight. Do not eat until you are absolutely stuffed, only eat until you are full. This time is also very important to spend it with your family and friends. Try activities where the whole family can be involved, a walk in the woods or a game of rounders on a sunny day can help to burn those extra calories.    

You’ll be back to work before you know it!

New YearWith New Year’s resolutions at the front of our minds, reality can soon set in. Once NYE has passed, we are all back to work. With the dark, cold, damp mornings & nights not in our favour, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is hitting the gym late at night. With a lack of physical activity, this can promote the feeling of laziness and guilt, which can make it seem impossible to begin an exercise programme after the festive break.

However, by starting and maintaining good habits before the Christmas period this will help you to establish a routine. When it turns 2019, you’ll already be active and are more likely to be motivated in the New Year.

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