Core Exercise Sliders


One of the best equipment to use when working out at home. Targeting all muscles within the body. Sliders will help you to strengthen your core and entire body at the same time. 

  • Set of 2,  
  • Suitable for a full-body workout, 
  • Dual-sided design to be used on all types of flooring, 
  • Portable and lightweight, 
  • Comes with a free high-quality storage bag.




If you are looking to diversify your workouts, sliders are a great addition. They are great for toning your body, building strength and improving your flexibility. The reason why The Trainers love to incorporate this piece of equipment into most of our workouts is because they amp up every exercise.  

Simple And Easy To Use


  • Workout anywhere! They are compact and are perfect to use when travelling or can be easily stored at home. 
  • Dual-sided means that they can be used on tiles or hardwood floors by placing the soft fabric down. Turn them over to the smooth side and you can use them on carpets and rugs too. 
  • Sliders can add a huge variety to your workout routine. Exercises you can try at home include mountain climbers, knee tucks, reverse lunges, push-ups, hamstring curls, squats etc. 

Why Buy Sliders?


There are many reasons to add Sliders to your home workout equipment. 

  • PRICE – Firstly, the price. They are a super-affordable piece of equipment that will work your entire body. The second you put them under your hands whilst holding a plank or under your feet when performing a lunge, your muscles will start to burn. 
  • ADAPTABILITY – There are MANY exercises you can do when using the sliders. 
  • IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE – Sliders will drastically improve your balance and core strength. This is because they add an element of instability that requires your core to work harder to keep you balanced.
  • HARDER WORKOUTS –  Your whole body will be working to stabilise you throughout every movement. Therefore, your muscles will be engaged throughout the entire movement making any exercise feel more challenging. 
  • PORTABILITY – These small but mighty sliders are great for enabling you to workout anywhere! 

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Dimensions 17 × 17 cm


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