ECO-Friendly Cork Foam Roller


Designed for an extra firm massage to increase blood flow for muscle release pre and post-workout.

  • Relieve tightness and ease sore muscles,
  • Enhance your performance,
  • Speed up recovery,
  • Use for a deep tissue massage.
  • A sustainable & eco-friendly alternative to plastic foam rollers.

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Cork Foam Roller 

Made from 100% Natural Cork. Cork is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic foam rollers. Designed for an extra firm massage to increase blood flow for muscle release pre and post-workout. Our eco-friendly cork foam roller will give you a deep-tissue massage in a small, ultra-firm package. The size is compact which means it’s great for travelling or storing in small spaces. 

Simple And Easy To Use


  • Roll out tight or sore muscles and let your body weight and gravity work to apply the pressure. 
  • Great for trigger point therapy as well as myofascial release. 
  • A foam roller can be used for a back massage, relieve back pain, leg massage and IT bands issues.
  • Foam rolling provides relaxation relief as well as an ultimate deep tissue massage.  
  • Foam rolling should be used before or after a workout, yoga, pilates, barre, HIIT, CrossFit and running. 


Why Buy A Cork Foam Roller?


– NATURAL MATERIAL – The natural way to relieve tight muscles, knots and tight fascia, most importantly an excellent self-massage tool.  

– TOP-QUALITY – Our top-quality, high-density cork roller is firmer than synthetic foam rollers. It also maintains its shape far better than plastic rollers. The velvety smooth cork also offers a non-slip surface to prevent injury. 

– COMPACT DESIGN – Designed with rounded edges to, therefore, protect the cork from chips or cracks. Our organic design can be displayed in your home, office or gym. 

– LIGHT-WEIGHT – Measurements are 12 inches x 3.75 inches (30cm x 10cm). Only weighing 1.5lbs it’s easy to use at home or to take on the road. 

– NO TOXIC CHEMICALS – Say no to PVC, BPA, petroleum, harsh chemicals or dangerous phthalates. Our foam roller is vegan and environmentally friendly.


Did You Know?


Traditional rollers are made out of PVE & EVA, as a result, they are both derived from crude oil and are extremely difficult to recycle. Nearly 99% of ALL foam rollers end up in landfill. Our eco-friendly roller is made from 100% cork, which is a biodegradable and recyclable product and no trees were cut down in the production.


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