‘I was looking for a personal trainer and found The Trainers. They bring all of the equipment to my house at a time that suits me. I didn’t have the time or the motivation to go to the gym but The Trainers made fitness easy for me to work in with my schedule! I’m feeling much healthier and stronger and will continue to work out with The Trainers!’ Francesca, London.

‘Waleed is a great personal trainer in large part. His personal training sessions have taught me how to create a varied and effective workout. He is just a cool guy, someone who makes you feel very comfortable as you put yourself in the vulnerable position of attempting self-improvement. Holly provides good information about healthy diets that are useful in everyday situations as I start travelling again for work.
I recommend the trainers. I have seen results and I just feel better about myself!’ Shereen, Jordan

‘The trainers are a totally professional team. They have improved my fitness significantly at a pace I was comfortably able to sustain. I would recommend them without reservation.’ Jo, Claygate.

‘I never understood or enjoyed working out until I started with Holly. Our sessions were always different and exciting, from boxing to body weight workouts. She kept me motivated by sending me her blog posts of recipes and workouts for me to do on holiday! I particularly enjoyed how despite the fact that I dislike doing cardio, Holly would find more enjoyable ways to incorporate it into my workout for example quick HIIT sessions or boxing I really enjoyed my time with Holly and would recommend her to anybody who would like to workout with home-based gym as she is able to facilitate your needs and make you feel comfortable and enjoy your workout accordingly.’ Amna, London.

‘Holly is very good at assessing the ability of the person she is working with and has made my old limbs extend their ability over the weeks I have been working with her. I am sure she would be equally useful for people of all ages.’ Christine, Esher.

‘Waleed was my PT for about 4 months, doing 3, 1-hour sessions a week. I really looked forward to the sessions as a full time working mum my time is limited and precious. The 1 hour with Waleed was well spent in that the first few sessions he worked on understanding my strengths and weakness and built out balanced workouts that I would enjoy but also be working to improve on in my weak areas, always pushing me to do a bit more and build my strength and cardio capacity. On a personal note, Waleed is a lot of fun to work out with and that also made the sessions enjoyable.’ Lillian Luanda.

‘After having two kids, I needed to get back in to shape at the age of 37. Always being big, non-sporty and convinced I would never enjoy exercise, I opted to try a personal trainer. Waleed was my personal trainer for 15 months from 2016-2018. Over this time Waleed was an excellent and professional trainer, coach and friend! He worked hard with me, encouraging me to increase my investment in my fitness, with consistent positivity and a you can do it attitude. Above all for me, he made it challenging and fun, as he introduced me to Thai boxing as part of my exercise routine- before long I looked forward to each session where I could punch, kick and uppercut whilst burning calories and increasing strength. Together with the incredibly fun boxing and a carefully designed programme of cardio and strength workouts, Waleed got me to the fittest and strongest level I have ever been. Thanks to Waleed I am more aware of my own body and how to exercise, so I also can continue to effectively exercise independently. The feeling of health and investment in the routine has also changed my lifestyle habits, where I take responsibility for my choices now, to maintain my health for me and my family. Cathy, UK.

Highly recommended. Holly provided outstanding training. She focused on ensuring that I met all my goals. She went above and beyond in helping me feel comfortable and helped me to create realistic time frames to complete my fitness ambitions. We also did postnatal workouts. Holly is very compassionate and made me feel really comfortable to get back into my fitness. Emily, Surrey.

‘A year ago I was looking for a personal trainer; I then found Holly and my life has changed dramatically. We have been training together for nearly a year now. She has helped me to body confidence, and to allow me to feel more comfortable within my own skin. I first started noticing a change in my body shape when my clothes started to become a little loose. Now, when I see friends they’re always complimenting the way I look, which is amazing! I see Holly 6 times a week and each session is so varied, from weight training to bodyweight exercises to Muay Thai. Due to commuting into town, I always found I was not motivated to go and workout before or after work. Now that Holly comes to me, I do not have to worry about ‘finding time’ or not in my case! My whole attitude about fitness has changed, and I now make fitness a priority in my life.’ Mariana, Weybride.