1-1 Personal Training

We believe there are 5 steps to achieving your health and fitness goals with 1-1 personal training.

  1. Goal Setting | Define your goals | Know why they’re important to you.
  2. Evaluation | Body Composition Analysis | Tanita Scale – We’ll measure your overall health, within 15 seconds our machine will provide 10 different health measurements from body fat to muscle mass. This allows us to get a baseline to set realistic goals.
  3. Programme | Uniquely Designed Programmes | Components include – Cardiovascular, Resistance Training, Flexibility Training etc.
  4. Implementation | Knowledge & Support Throughout | Giving you the tools to lead a healthy and active lifestyle | Teaching you all the components of exercise & nutrition.
  5. Assessment | Every 4 weeks a FREE Monthly Review | Measurements are taken & new goals set to ensure maximum results.

Each Block Includes:

  • Body Composition Analysis – Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Fat %, Visceral Fat, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Metabolic Age & Total Body Water %.
  • Trainer-Knowledge & Support
  • Nutritional Advice – Regular Recipes
  • Personally Tailored Programmes
  • Home Workouts
  • Regular Progress Monitoring
** Disclaimer – We are not nutritionists so, therefore, can only offer general nutritional advice. **

FAQ 1-1 Personal Training

– Where does the training take place?
The Trainers come to you, we are experts in transforming any space into a training ground. We are able to train you in your living room, garden, a local park or even in your office.
– What should I wear?
Wear items which are comfortable and non-restrictive. Footwear should also be comfortable and provide good support.
– What types of training do you offer?
The Trainers design tailored training programs to suit the individual needs of our clients, ensuring that their goals are met. We focus on cardio, endurance, flexibility and stretching as well as strength, core, and functional training. All our trainers have qualifications and expertise in other types of training such as martial arts, mature and pre & post-natal fitness.
– What exercises will we do, I’m worried they’ll be too difficult?
Each session you’ll be completing different exercises which will be working towards your end goal. By working 1-1 with a Personal Trainer, this really allows you to communicate and be heard to ensure you are happy and enjoying your programme.  Your programme will be specifically designed for you, therefore all exercises will fit accordingly. You will also have a monthly assessment to ensure your results are on track.
– I can’t make the same session each week – are you flexible on times?
Yes! We understand that our clients lead busy lives. Therefore, we are extremely flexible to fit around your work, social and family commitments. You do not have to stick to the same time each week, The Trainers can fit around your schedule. Our working hours are: Monday – Friday 5am-9pm & Saturday – Sunday 7am-7pm.
– What if I need to cancel a session?
That is not a problem, we understand that life sometimes gets in the way. We ask for 24 hours’ notice of cancellation for all booked appointments, so we can then move your session to a more convenient time. Anything less than 24 hours, you will be charged for the session.


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